Thank you for registering and taking an interest in staying in touch with your classmates. If you haven't registered please do so before leaving and help spread the word about this web site.

If you indicated you would like us to list your name and link it to your E-mail address, you can expect it will take 3 -10 days for it to be active.

If you change your mind about your E-mail link or if any other information you submitted on your intial registration changes just let me know and we'll make the update just as soon as possible.

If you don't see a completely developed Class Listing for your class or a hyper-link to a separate web site for your class, it means we probably have not yet been contacted by one of your class reunion committee members. If you know anyone on your reunion committee please encourage them to contact us so we can create a listing for your class like we have for the classes of 1968 and 1973.

If your class doesn't have an official reunion committee and you'd like to try to get one going, let us know and we'll try to help you get organized and in contact with your other classmates.

Here's a quick overview of how your class can have an "official" listing and the costs involved. There are three options. There is a cost involved with the first option but the others are FREE.

I'm picking-up the initial and recurring costs associated with the domain registration, web hosting and general web site editing, maintenance and updating. (It's a very small "thank you" for the great times and memories at MHS)

Option 1

If any other class would like the same type of listing as the 1968 and 1973 Classes, I'll have to depend upon each class reunion committee to pick-up the costs associated with the initial set-up of their class and some occasional updating.

The initial set-up cost is $ 150.00 - $ 250.00 depending on the amount of picture scanning.  Post-Reunion and Newsletter pages are extra.

The cost of creating the E-mail links from an individual's name on the Classmate Listing page to that person's E-mail address is $ 75.00 per year, per class!

The cost for forwarding your classmates E-mail registrations and other miscellaneous E-mail correspondence to a reunion committee contact is FREE!

You can't get more reasonable than that! Certainly one person in every class has been successful enough to easily make such a small contribution to their High School Alma Mater. Cmon' step forward, make the offer and we'll try to contact your reunion committee to let them know the listing is paid for and ready to go. Unless you want to volunteer to be on the committee and be the committee contact which is even better?

Please remember this is a non-profit web site. The costs mentioned above are at or below the costs paid directly to the webmaster/programmer I hired to create and maintain this web site along with the other commercial websites I maintain as part of my San Diego Golf Reservations business http//  Each class listing will be just like the 1968 and 1973 listing. We have to follow this template in order to keep the set-up and updating costs as inexpensive as possible.  If you would like a more unique or creative listing see option 2.

Once your class listing is set-up it will be up to the class reunion committee and specifically one person on the committee to manage the class listing and submit E-mail editing updates directly to me, the web master. I will forward all of your classmates E-mail registrations, updates and other correspondence directly to the committee contact by E-mail.

Other than for my own class of 1968, I will not keep track of any other class listing. It will be up to each class reunion committee and or one particular person on the committee to:

  1. Maintain a class database of registrations and make address and name changes.
  2. E-mail the web master when you receive a registration from someone who wants their name linked to their E-mail address.
  3. Notify and E-mail the web master with class information to be posted or any other changes to your class listing.

I'll forward any E-mail correspondence I receive to the class contact and monitor the class listings to ensure they stay current. If I receive a bunch of E-mail saying " I registered three months ago and there's still no E-mail link on my name," - I'll be getting in touch with the committee contact!

Option 2 - FREE

If your class already has a web site I'll list your class and just hyper-link the listing over to your web site. You'll just need to do a reciprocal link back to the MHS Reunion web site. If someone in a class has experience in web site design, or you want to hire a website design company here's an opportunity to have a unique and more creative listing for your class. Maybe you can find a classmate who would to donate the costs of developing and maintaining their class web site?  It's really not that expensive. Just let me know the domain address when the web site is completed and ready to be listed and linked.

Option 3 - FREE

If your class does not have an active or formal reunion committee but does manage to have someone step forward to at least arrange for a reunion date and site for those interested in getting together - let me know and I'll post the announcement and information.

Please spread the word about this web site, sign the guestbook and let us know of any other interesting Melrose related web sites. If you come across any please let them know about this MHS Reunion web site so they'll consider linking their web site to this one.

If there is something you really like or dislike about this web site or if you have any ideas or suggestions for improving our MHS Reunion web site please take a few minutes to let me know

Good luck in reviving and catching-up on some old friendships.