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Save the Date!

MHS Class of 1968 45th Reunion
Sat Nov 30th at Mt Hood
6:30 - 11:30pm, hors d’oeuvres and a casual buffet.

Buffet of a Mixed Grill (steak tips, chicken, sausage, potato salad etc.) and a DJ $45 per person.

Please send a check no later than Nov 8th made out to MHS Class of 1968 to:

Ann Nelson 1901 Pheasant Creek Lane Peabody, MA 01960

Please contact your classmates who you still hear from occasionally so they know what we are doing for the reunion, they may not know since addresses and email addresses change constantly. Please keep us informed of any address changes – thanks.

Any questions or changes you can email either:

Ed Priestley – ej14p@comcast.net (781) 665-3634
Ann Tivnan Nelson - annelson13@comcast.net
Jane Nelson Osgood - donaldosgood@comcast.net (617) 233-1951
Bob Hildreth - rhildreth@ibsboston.com
Dennis Farrell - djf1968@verizon.net
David Chaffee – dchaffee68@hotmail.com

Hope to see you there!

In 1998 I began developing this site for the past, present and future classes of Melrose High School - Melrose, Massachusetts.

About 10 years after graduating I received a Christmas card from a classmate I was still in touch with. The verse really captured the spirit and importance of "old friends" and I've never forgotten it...

Never a Christmas morning,
Never the ole' year ends,
That someone doesn't think of someone,
Old days, old times...old friends.

Reunion Committees...If your class is still very active and interested in trying to stay in touch with one another this web site should prove to be the perfect vehicle for continuing that interest in between your reunions and well into the future.

If you haven't seen how the classes of 59 - 66 - 68 - 70 - 73 & 74 have been set-up by their reunion committees please take a look at what can be set-up for your class too. A description of the set-up service can be found on:

How Can My Class Get Listed? Tell Me More

It's your site and your participation will determine how useful,
interesting and fun it is to stay connected with "old friends." Enjoy!

Rick MacDonald
Class of 68


April 4, 2008

Dear MHS Students Faculty and Alumni,

As you may or may not know this website has been a Hobby (and expense) for me that I originally had time to enjoy.  However, over the past couple of years our family business (www.SanDiegoGolfReservations.com) and my family's personal lives have not allowed us the time to keep the website as up-to-date as it always should be.  I have come to realize that I will never have the extra time it takes to make my original vision for the MHS Alumni website a priority...and it’s time to modify that vision.

I am actively looking for anyone who may be interested in taking over the management of this website as a hobby... because I doubt it could ever be a profitable, or even break-even business.  In a "Perfect World," perhaps the out-going Class President (2009),  the President of the Computer Science Club or someone from the Melrose High School Faculty might be interested in taking over the management of this website as a Senior Class Community Project each year?  There's plenty of room to update and continually improve upon the design, functionalty and features of this website to allow MHS Alumni a convenient and efficient way to organize Class Reunions and stay connected with their friends throughout their lives? 

I am still willing to continue to absorb the costs of hosting the website on our company server but I just don’t have the time it takes to maintain, update and develop the website and services anymore.  Maybe there's a classmate out there that has become very, very wealthly over the years and would be willing to donate the funds necessary to hire a professional website design and management company take over this community project.

Unfortunately...if I cannot find anyone who would like to be the Webmaster I may be forced to discontinue future updates or shut down the website.

Best regards,

Rick MacDonald

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