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President: George Bush
Top Song: Someday; Best Picture: The Silence of the Lambs
House: $125K; Bread: $1.47; Gas: $1.18; Income: $16,658

WORLD News 91

U.S. President George Bush and USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev exchange new year's greetings via videotape.

Canada: A controversial 7% goods and services tax goes into effect.

Iraq: U.S. and Allied Forces begin offensive on Iraq after they fail to meet U.N. deadline for withdrawal from Kuwait.

Imelda Marcos is acquitted of racketeering, fraud and embezzlement from the Philippines.

U S A News 91

New York: Carnegie Hall celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Ivana Trump, wife of real estate developer Donald Trump, files for divorce.

Rockers Milli Vanilli is stripped of 1989 Grammy Award when it's discovered the group did none of the singing on their album.

Baseball's Pete Rose is sentenced to five months in jail on federal tax evasion charges.

SCHOOL News 91