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President: Gerald Ford
Top Song: One of These Nights
Best Picture: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
House: $52K; Bread: 28 Cents; Gas: 57 Cents; Income: $9,861

WORLD News 75

President Ford ends an eight day world trip with stops in Japan, South Korea and Vladivostok.

Northern Mariana's become a U.S. Commonwealth.

Ford orders a ground, air and sea operation to recover the U.S. Cargo Vessel Mayaguez, seized by the Khmer Rouge government of Cambodia.

U S A News 75

President Ford grants former President Nixon "a full, free and absolute pardon."

Violent protests erupt at South Boston High as court-ordered busing goes into effect.

B-1 bomber makes first test flight successfully.

H.R. Halderman, John Mitchell, John Erlichman and Robert C. Mardian are convicted of obstructing the Watergate investigation.

SCHOOL News 75

LAST class to graduate from the "old" high school.

Double sessions from 8th grade through our senior year while the new MHS was under construction.

Two "streakers" at our class day event.

One of the few classes in the century whose birth year is inverse to their graduation year (ya know - 57/75.)