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President: Gerald Ford
Top Song: The Joker; Best Picture: The Godfather Part II
House: $47K; Bread: 28 Cents; Gas: 53 Cents; Income: $9,668

WORLD News 74

The Arab oil-producing nations declare an embargo on oil exports to U.S.

The U.S. and Egypt announce resumption of diplomatic relations after a break that extends back to 1967 war.

Pioneer 10 reported Jupiter's magnetism 40 times greater than earth.

In a meeting in Vienna, Arab oil-producing nations agree to end the embargo against the U.S.

U S A News 74

Vice-President Spiro Agnew resigns.

Seven former white house staff members are indicted for conspiring to obstruct investigation in Watergate.

Patricia Hearst aids her captors in a bank robbery.

President Nixon announces he will pay $432,787.13 in back taxes.

In a nationally televised speech, Nixon announced his resignation.

SCHOOL News 74