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President: Richard Nixon
Top Song: Close To You; Best Picture: Patton
House: $40K; Bread: 24 Cents; Gas: 40 Cents; Income: $8,933

WORLD News 70

Apollo 12 lands on the moon.

Apollow 13 lands safely in Pacific after near catastrophic journey to moon.

U S A News 70

Four students killed at Kent State.

Mets win their first World Series.

Rolling Stones give a concert at Madison Square Garden.

SCHOOL News 70

Dress code was revised, permitting girls to wear slacks.

We were proud to have four National Merit Semi-Finalists -- Catherine Downes, Warren Graham, Alan Lakin, and Douglas McCrae.

Powder Puff Football -- Holland's Tulips defeated McHales's Marauder's 8-0.