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President: Lyndon Johnson
Top Song: We Can Work it Out; Best Picture: Man for all Seasons
House: $40K; Bread: 22 Cents; Gas: 23 Cents; Income: $6,899

WORLD News 66

1  The Montreal Canadiens win hockey's Stanley Cup.

2  President Johnson finishes three days of talks in Honolulu with South Vietnam Premier Nguyen Cao Ky.

3  The U.S. announces the commencement of bombing raids against Hanoi.

4  Apollo flies its first successful mission.

U S A News 66

1  Boston beats Los Angeles in basketball to become NBA champions

2  Congress passes an anti-pollution bill which empowers the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare to set emission standards

3 Miranda vs Arizona, the supreme court rules (5-4) that an accused must be apprised of his or her rights before interrogation

SCHOOL News 66

1  Cries of mixed emotions rose as the month of October loomed. Our burning desire for knowledge was unexpectedly interrupted by the conflagration of M.H.S. The school was left with damaged classrooms, but no one was injured.

2  Avid Senior enthusiasts joined the Annual Thanksgiving Rally for a night of cheering fun.

3  The Student Congress held its 1st Annual Winter Sports Exchange