Charitable Causes & Events

Melrose Launch -- The Channel 15 initiative spearheaded by LAUNCH will be a win-win-win for all those involved. The business community gets an opportunity to support these extracurricular programs while getting acknowledgement on Channel 15, the students get to participate in learning the skills of producing a robust set of broadcast programs, the school system gets to communicate to the public the many activities it promotes and supports throughout its system, and finally, adults and students get to work together in a creative endeavor.
Class of 2008 Brick Sale -- As the student government of the Melrose High School Class of 2008, we will be selling personalized laser inscribed bricks. On these bricks, you may get whatever they want inscribed on it: your name, a family memberís name, a message, etc. With these bricks, we will be building a patio area in front of the main high school entrance (replacing the brick surface that is currently there). In the center of this square patio will be the Red Raider drum logo (the feathered circle with an M in the center). This will be surrounded by a border of 8x8 bricks, and then the 4x8 bricks.